Welcome back to The Void.

For an unspecified period, we remained in Planet43's atmosphere, unable to excape the intense gravitational pull. A small away team discovered an anomaly that allowed us to travel back and forth in time but it was limited to the "episode329"  frequency - this detour has cost us a significant amount of time - likely relative to several years back on Earth.

We have managed to leave Planet43 behind, docking with the Athena and preparing for departure back out into deep space. 
With repairs completed to the Athena's primary hydrogen reactors, we're ready to continue our voyage into the unknown. This audio log chronicles our thoughts, fears and hopes - our preparation for the journey back out into The Void.

1. Lee Anthony Norris & Porya Hatami - Moon
2. SubDan - Tagesanbruch
3. Helios - All the While
4. Athome Project - Escape from Pressure
5. Metamatics - Jakemond
6. Motana Yamaoka - A Tempo 4
7. Krystian Shek - You Don't Have to Be There to Be Here
8. Data Rebel - Indigo Mist
9. Sanderson Dear - Passages
10. Terre's neu Wuss Fusion - Love On A Real Train
11. SinUs - Empyrean Ophiolatry Pattern
12. Kirk Degiorgio pres Blue Binary - Signal
13. Ekin Fil - Who Else
14. Louis Haiman - Adrift
15. Coral D - Lower Feels (reprise & original mashup)
16. Priori - Loam
17. DJ Stingray - eRbB4
18. Blixaboy - Detroit Steel (Plant43 Mix)
19. Rain - Game System
20. Lazer - Worshippers
21. Bluetrain & Hydergine - Lunar Eclipse
22. Fields of Few - Alone in the Rain
23. The Open Circle - Intention
24. Ffion - A Switching Light
25. Hello Meteor - The Shimmer (Larus Occidentalis)
26. Comit - Silver Strand

Creators and Guests

Nick Rodger
Nick Rodger
Sci-fi Lover, DJ, Music Junkie.

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